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Brandon M – Charlotte, NC

I reached out to Complete Auto Care regarding my 2012 Honda civic with only 43341 on my odometer. My rep was such a big help in getting me a new policy for my Honda I got the Exclusionary package with an additional 100,000 miles on my odometer. I just had a baby and finances are jumbled around due to my wife not being able to work. He informed me of the payment plans they have compared to the cost and labor rates of certain repairs to my vehicle and it is saving about 3/4 of what I would pay to get things done. I have been with Complete Auto Care for a couple months now when my Honda needed a new ac compressor. I took my car to a Honda dealership in Charlotte NC and gave them my policy with only paying my 100 dollar deductible they called claims and got my vehicle taken care of and I drove it home that next day with cold A/C, I avoided a 1300 dollar repair plus the labor costs. I am stress free knowing if there is an issue I have the power to keep control of my finances with any issues my vehicle may have and be able to get my car fixed to take care of my family. I highly recommend Complete Auto Care for anyone who needs to keep their car protected!!

Allyson P – Trenton, NJ

I received a phone call from Complete Auto Care to get a policy on my 2014 Nissan Xterra. The guy I worked with was very understanding of my financial situation as I am a single mother with two kids. He was able to get me into some helpful programs to get the policy into a more affordable range. I was very skeptical doing business over the phone, but he made me feel comfortable with his knowledge and providing websites to look at. A week and a half later I got my booklet in the mail and I had a lot of questions, so I called the customer service department and they were so helpful, they knew what they were talking about and were professional. Complete Auto Care made me a priority and helped me keep the protection on my car which I am so thankful for because I needed to get my alternator replaced and after labor my bill came to $1280 and I nearly fainted, but I put my faith in the extended warranty and I only paid $100 and they paid the rest. The process was easy and didn’t destroy my wallet. Though I was skeptical and having financial problems, they helped me with everything and I would absolutely recommend them to anyone who needs an extended warranty!

Mark B – Katy, TX

I purchased a warranty from Complete Auto Care for my daughter who is currently attending college. Last week my daughter called me around 10pm crying, stating she had broken down just outside of town where she went to school. I remember the Rep from Complete Auto Care telling me when I purchased the warranty for her to take a picture of her policy card from her phone so in case she ever needed it she would have it handy. As I was on the phone with her we called the roadside assistance and they immediately had a tow truck there to pick her and the vehicle up in about 15-20 minutes. I was very happy about this as I am sure any parent would be if their child was broken down late at night. The tow truck driver let me know he thought she could possibly have a transmission issue as the car would not go into gear at all. Truth be known this was the least of my worries and I was just happy my daughter wasn’t sitting on the side of the road by herself at night. I was very impressed with the way this was promptly taken care of as I was concerned for her safety. The next day I called Complete Auto Care and their customer service walked me through the claim process to get her car repaired. They even sent a certified mechanic to verify what needed to be done to her car by the dealership. Within 3 days my daughters car was fixed, and they called her to come pick it up. Thank You Complete Auto Care for not only providing coverage for my daughter’s vehicle but protection for her as well. Everyone at the company has been very helpful and courteous and I highly recommend them.

Gabrielle N – Casper, WY

I received a call from Complete Auto Care in regard to extending the coverage on my 2008 Volkswagen Jetta a few months ago. At first, I was not sure if I wanted to follow through with it, but today I can say I am glad I did. Everyone from the day I signed up until now has been incredibly helpful and kind. The sales rep took their time explaining what the policy would do for me and how to use it, and had no problem going over things multiple times so I had a thorough understanding. I called in to the customer service department with other questions once I received my booklet. The woman who answered the line took her time going through the entire policy with me and answering any questions I had. My true testimony of how great Complete Auto Care has been was a recent event though. I broke down coming home from school for the weekend. I called for my roadside assistance and they were out to me within 20 minutes. They towed my car over to the nearest shop and I called over to Complete Auto Care to find out what I needed to do moving forward. They walked me through how to file a claim and use my trip interruption for the hotel room I had to get for the night as my Jetta would not be finished until the next day. Being so far away from my family and a full-time college student, I know I would not have been able to afford a $864 repair bill and a hotel room on my own. My parents and I are so grateful that I had this policy to help me out when they were not able to and it is one less thing any of us have to worry about today because we know I am in good hands!

Marcus O – Rockwall, TX

I dealt with Complete Auto Care for a while and my experience has been nothing short of wonderful. Through the process of signing up, receiving my confirmation, filing claims and then eventually having to cancel my policy, the level of professionalism and friendly customer service is unparalleled. Having known little about extended warranty, my agent was patient and answered all my questions without pushing me to make a rushed decision. I agreed to sign up. A few months in I had a power window motor and engine control module go bad. I called my agent and she informed me to have a claim filed at my dealership and to take my warranty card with me. I showed up, presented my warranty card and the claims process started. While my car was in the shop I was given a rental car that the policy had promised me. After the repairs had been made I returned the rental, paid my deductible and was on my way. Few things in my life had gone as smoothly as getting my car fixed did that week. Last month I was in a bad car accident to the extent that my car had to be scrapped. I called my agent and informed her. She helped me file the proper paper work to close out my account. There were no hidden fees and the process was wrapped up in a couple days. I may no longer be a customer with them, but I will always remember my experience. I will without a doubt return as a customer when I get a new car. Thank you, Complete Auto Care, for a pleasant experience.

Erin H – Danbury, CT

I was looking in to purchasing the extended coverage on my vehicle. After several interactions with other companies, I was very concerned if I would find the right plan with a company I could rely on. I was then directed to Complete Auto Care from a friend, who spoke very highly of them. After doing some research I found that they had great reviews, so I decided to reach out to them. When speaking with the coverage specialist, I found them to be very knowledgeable, respectful, and most of all patient to answer all my questions. I am a retired senior, so that was very appealing, knowing that it was professionalism at its finest. Never once did I feel like I was being pressured, like the other companies I spoke to. I am very pleased with the overall customer service side, as Complete Auto care offered me a great payment plan that works on my budget. My budget was my biggest worry, and I was reassured with this company that there are businesses and people out there who strive to look out for the welfare of senior citizens, like myself. I would like to praise them for their assistance and I look forward to continuing my business with them. I would highly recommend them if you are looking for a reliable company to put your trust in to help you.